In our Tiger-Gourmet restaurant, guests have been offered exceptional and high-quality gourmet cuisine for around 32 years, always with vegetarian and vegan culinary highlights. The special flair of the Tiger gourmet restaurant lives from its puristic elegance. No playful vanities, the art of the cuisine is unobtrusively in the foreground. In addition, the gourmet restaurant offers an ambience to feel good, an atmospheric arrangement between chic and informality and a place of tangible good taste. Since May 2017, Coskun Yurdakul has been creating the culinary highlights in the Tiger gourmet restaurant as "Chef de Cuisine", which is one of the top restaurants in Germany. 

The Tigerpalast top chef Coskun Yurdakul serves his dishes à la carte or in menu form to up to 30 guests. In addition to his tasting menu, there will also be a vegan menu. The focus is on his French-Oriental style of cooking, which is definitely based on a classical imprint.

Coskun Yurdakul & Team

It is not simply the stage performances which solely account for the success of the Tigerpalast. They are complemented by the Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant’s culinary concept: Since May 2017, Coskun Yurdakul creates the culinary highlights of the Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant. Together with his dear colleague Manuel Becker and our restaurant manager Christian Morét, our team will be delighted to welcome you as their guests!

His style is diversified and creative . He uses a wide range of regional products, complements them with international ingredients and creates classic and contemporary dishes that are light and uncomplicated but still full of refined attraction and flavors. The native flavors and ingredients of his homeland Turkey often find their way on the menu and inspire our guests every evening. Since 2018, the Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant has been an official supporter of Slow Food and identifies strongly with the values of the organization. Coskun Yurdakul mainly uses organic products and locally sourced ingredients. 

Coskun Yurdakul completes his education as a chef at the Tigerpalast in 1994 where he worked for four years after he successfully passed his exam. Afterwards Coskun Yurdakul attended 3-star chef Dieter Müller at the Schlosshotel Lerbach to specify his skills. After that he went back to the Tigerpalast where he became chef de cuisine of the Palastbar-Restaurant. Two years later he moved to the Cafehaus Siesmayer at the Palmengarten where he worked as chef de cuisine from 2005 until 2012. In 2012, on request of 2-star chef Andreas Krolik, Coskun Yurdakul moved back to the Tigerpalast and was again chef de cuisine of the Palastbar-Restaurant.  

The kitchenstaff besides Manuel Becker and the service-brigade aside from Christian Morét will be delighted to welcome you as their guest!