Jubilee Revue 2023/2024

35 Years Tigerpalast - Anniversary Revue until 25th of February 2024


05.00 pm dinner, 07.00 pm show (entry starting at 06.00 pm) or 07.30 pm dinner, 10.00 pm show (entry starting at 09.30 pm)

Friday, Saturday

05.00 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 06.30 pm) or 08.00 pm dinner, 10.30 pm show (entry starting at 22.00 pm)


04.30 pm show, (entry starting at 03.30 pm) 06.15 pm dinner in connection or 05.00 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 07.00 pm)


We will take a break from 25 February 2024. The next revue will start on 29 August 2024. Advance booking will start online shortly.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please send an email to info@tigerpalast.de


As always you can expect an artistic program of acrobatic, magic, & juggling and an Conférencier who leads through the program.

Comedy - Mime / Budapest / from 31st August 2023 to 25th February 2024

Theater, mime and comedy: Csaba Méhes from Budapest has been around the world with these stage arts. In all European countries, but also in Australia, Egypt and Mexico, he thrilled the human everyday life with his unique caricatures. A man in too short suit stands on the stage, thick glasses and lard curls: he puts his foot in every mouth in the fight against the violin or the microphone. Csaba Méhes caricatures our human weaknesses and triumphs with his arts over the embarrassments of everyday life. A genius of vaudeville culture!

Magic Moments / Italy / from 31st August 2023 until 25th February 2024

Floating balls and rings challenge gravity and its laws:

With fascinating, dancing ease, Simone calls his images on stage "Invisible Juggling".

Performed with the carefree attitude of a child, we experience a little journey between dream and reality. His paintings are a stage dance in which the objects increasingly take on a life of their own. We spectators experience at first disbelief, then astonishment and at the end great joy:

A warm welcome to this exceptional juggler.


Juggling / Spain / from 31st August 2023 to 25th February 2024

Ballet training at the world-famous Royal Academy in London led her to perform as a dancer in major shows throughout Europe at a young age.

It was the legendary trapeze artist at the Tiger Palace, Aurelia Cats, who challenged her other artistic talent as a choreographer:

Today Elena Gambi is an outstanding juggler with the grace and experience of a trained dancer.

Welcome to the Tigerpalast!


Air Ring / Moscow / from 31th August 2023 to 25th February 2024

Alyona Pavlova began her circus and theater training at the age of 10. Her current aerial ring presentation was staged by the famous Moscow artist-choreographer, Alexander Grimaylo. We are happy to welcome back the winner of numerous international festivals. At the magic ring under the roof of the old ballroom, a great artist full of energy and intoxicating charisma.

Dancing Balls / Kiev / from 31st August to 3rd December 2023

At the International Circus Festival at Cirque d'Hiver in Paris the most important annual world circus festival Ruslan Fomenko's gold medal was the biggest surprise. He amazed the experts and thrilled the audience with a world novelty of juggling. Dancing balls on ropes in a fascinating choreography. Ruslan performed exclusively at the Tiger Palace shortly after his triumph in Western Europe. An innovator of classical, vaudeville arts from Kiev.

Welcome back to our stage Ruslan Fomenko.

Handstand Equilibiristics / France / from 2nd November 2023 to 28th of January 2024

After training as an artistic handstand acrobat in the national circus school of Chatellerault in France, Marie-Marguerite participated in numerous circus shows and international festivals "worldwide".

She loves all facets of the artistic arts - fascinating us with elegance and a unique stage presence.

Welcome for the first time on the Tigerpalast stage!

Tempo Juggling / Switzerland / from 7th December 2023 to 25th February 2024

With the understatement of a gentleman, Claudius Specht presents a stylish juggling performance. Simply elegant, thrillingly dynamic and excitingly fast. He juggles clubs, cups and the laws of physics. But he doesn't just juggle them, he literally makes them dance. Precisely and at breathtaking speed, they form incredible patterns and combinations in the air.

Hand on Hand Voltigen/Rotterdam // from the 02nd to the 26th of November 2023 and 21st of December 2023 to 28th of January 2024

These are the artists Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda and Wilko Schütz, all trained at the art school 'Codarts Circus Arts' in Rotterdam. Since 2017 they have been working together in their specialization of partner acrobatics for various companies and projects, nationally and internationally. With their act Carmen they have been awarded the 'Prix Spécial du Jury' at the 42nd international festival 'Cirque de demain' in Paris.

For this number they use their own language of movements to present an acrobatic story. Breathtaking acrobatic feats in the middle of our variety hall for the first time at the Tigerpalast.

A warm welcome!


Conférenciers (changing)


Cheeky and funny, soulful, charming and irresistible - this is how Alix Dudel presents the world stars of vaudeville - and herself.  In the style of the classical diseuse full of irony and elegance, she becomes the ideal hostess and cult figure of the Tigerpalast revues with the songs and lyrics of Friedhelm Kändler.

With excellent musicians, she presents her programs - chansons, poetry and music, most recently a magnificent tribute to the Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature Wisława Szymborska.

Loved by the international artists, admired by the amazed, fascinated audience, she opens the Variety Night: "May I go through," she sings floating through the hall onto the stage - and the show begins..."

Anna Krämer

Praised by the press as a "powerful-voiced power woman, vamp with wit, all-round talent, theater animal or musical diva with a goosebump voice", Anna Krämer pulls out many (sound) stops.

Her voice, her comedy, her charm, her versatility and plenty of self-baked. She always points the index finger directly at herself and hits right in the heart and soul.

The full-blooded entertainer and "Schöne Mannheims" sings and exhilarates her life songs in poetic images, slips uninhibitedly into all characters and likes to dance out of line when she simply transcends musical genres and garnishes them anew, from gentle chansonnière to rock tube.


Poland and France - Warsaw and Paris are the coordinates of this chanson singer, actress and author.

With her changeable voice, Ewunia succeeds in embodying both cultures and bringing them to the stage. With a touching personality and a lot of charm, she sings and interprets world-famous chansons by Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Jaques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg.

Since 2004 she lives in a small village in the south of France. In Paris she developed new successful musical formats with the pianist and composer Yves Dupuis. Ewunia sings with ravishing conviction in Polish and French:

Margareta first met her in one of Paris' legendary basement theaters and Ewunia was inspired to join the Tigerpalast stage:

Ewunia touches hearts!

Word acrobatics

Marcus Jeroch presents the artist program at the Tigerpalast as a word acrobat with texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler. Crazy word cascades, juggling with language and also with balls - presented in the tailcoat of the emcee. Subtle word contortions, a madcap journey through the German language, excitingly lively for a fascinated audience. Marcus Jeroch confuses and entertains with the pure poetry of words and becomes the ideal host of international artistry at the Tigerpalast.