Winter Show

Show times for the winter show 2022


05.00 pm dinner, 07.00 pm show (entry starting at 06.00 pm) or 07.30 pm dinner, 10.00 pm show (entry starting at 09.30 pm)

Friday, Saturday

05.00 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 06.30 pm) or 08.00 pm dinner, 10.30 pm show (entry starting at 22.00 pm)


04.30 pm show, (entry starting at 03.30 pm) 06.15 pm dinner in connection or 05.30 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 07.00 pm)



As always you can expect an artistic program of acrobatic, magic, & juggling and an Conférencier who leads through the program.

Valérie Inertie
Cyr Wheel / Canada

Canadian Valérie Inertie has been honored worldwide with her dancing hoop on the international circus and festival stages since 2005.

The hoop called Cyr Wheel lets her dance on stage with incredible lightness and artistic perfection. A fascinating rotation seems to overcome gravity when Valérie can now be seen in the huge hoop on the stage at Tigerpalast in Frankfurt.

Boleadoras / USA

Diane-Renée Rodríguez, an artist with many talents. She will offer the audience at the Tigerpalast a unique performance with her Boleadoras art. The focus is on their slingshots (bolas). They serve as a visual percussion instrument, draw their paths in space and create breathtaking acoustic and visual impressions at the same time. The impressive art demands the highest precision. Whirring ropes and pounding cuffs combine with body play to create a unique performance.

She started her career in 2010 after graduating from "The National Circus School of Montreal" and was then successfully touring with the Cirque Plume for many years. Diane-Renée Rodriguez's performance has already been seen at the Argentina Folklore Festival.

Contortion / Moscow

With Alexander Mitin we experience a fascinating and inspiring contortionist from the legendary Moscow artistic culture. Since the age of 4, the scion of one of the classic Moscow circus families shows his exceptional artistic talent. With incredible ease he celebrates the body arts of bending into the most unimaginable positions. His act "Memory" caused a sensation not only in Moscow at the international circus festival. In Monte Carlo at the festival " New Generation" and most recently at the "European Youth Festival" in Wiesbaden 2018, he won the main prizes among the audience and the jury.
With Alexander Mitin at the Tiger Palace, the latest generation of young artists opens its way to an artistic world career.


Hola Hoop / Miami

Alesya Gulevich has all the consecrations of a traditional Russian circus dynasty. Her father, a very famous circus clown, and her mother, a trapeze artist, took her on the great circus journey in the very early days of her life. Today, after years of studying dance, ballet and jazz, she travels the world of international festivals and shows from Miami Beach, Florida. Several of her world records in hula hoop dancing are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
Full of grace, charm and with a wonderful charisma, we experience her in the Tiger Palace with the hoops of her life.


Comedy Pantomime / Ukraine - till 26 of Dezember 2022

Together with the Russian clown troupe "Mikos" he won numerous awards in Moscow, Paris and at the International Clown Festival in Ostend. An unusual, silent clown who celebrated his "appearances" with a wonderful mixture of absurdist, quirky humor and tender melancholy. With dreamy mischievous smile he presents comically magical, unseen juggling.

Puppeteer / Denmark – from the 12th of January 2023

Barti is the name of the puppet with thousands of threads. Only the puppet master Alex Jorgensen has the ability to direct even the smallest human emotions of eyes and nose. Since 1986 the artist developed this fascinating puppet act with his countless experience of international festivals. The story is told only by movements and music because Barti can really play the piano like a virtuoso and thats why Alex and Barti embosom the vaudeville guests.

Antipodes / Italy – till the 8th oj January 2023

At the age of 8, Selyna was already sure that she would eventually inherit the legacy of her world-famous mother, the "Queen of Antipodean Games" Consuelo Reyes. She comes from a family of classical artists, has traveled from show to show with her parents all her life, and had her own stage debut at 16. With wonderful dancing ease and much practiced precision we experience classical antipode juggling, presented with a spirited, intoxicating charisma on its way to the great show stages of our time.

Antipodes / Spain – from 12th of January 2023

Vanessa Alvarez delights with her elegant and seemingly effortless antipodes, juggling to the sound of Spanish guitars. Magnificent costume to passionate flamenco sounds accrues a dynamic show image which the temperamental artist captivates any audience. It’s fun to watch her when she juggles towels through the air with her feet lying on her back – even a guitar is dancing on her feet. She grew up in a family of artists and is on international stages since she is sixteen. We are looking forward to her antipoden juggling and welcome her at the Tigerpalast

Claudius Specht
Tempo Juggling / Switzerland - till the 13th of Novembre 2022

With the understatement of a gentleman, Claudius Specht presents a stylish juggling performance. Simply elegant, thrillingly dynamic and excitingly fast. He juggles clubs, cups and the laws of physics. But he doesn't just juggle them, he literally makes them dance. Precisely and at breathtaking speed, they form incredible patterns and combinations in the air.

Dance / USA – from the 16th of November 2022 till the 8th of January 2023

Hat and stick swirl through the air - furiously fast pirouettes. Nathalie, the feathery, artistic dancer from New York and Paris fascinates with a never seen perfection and elegance when dancing on stage. Her choreographed images are razor sharp, with which she makes the audience happy. Dance is the challenge of her life and a tribute to the unforgotten exceptional artist and juggler of the century Francis Brunn.

Roller Skating Acrobatics / Italy – till the 13th of November 2022

This thrilling tempo acrobatics on the only two meters wide platform shows the most daring roller skate artistry of our time. Breathtakingly, the most difficult combinations and tempo-strong pirouettes of Marcello and his partner captivate the variety guests, whether in the Lido Revue Theater in Paris, in numerous television shows or in the Tigerpalast. With the Giurintanos roller skating becomes a fascination of artistic performance.


Flying Rope / Moscow

Kristina Bautina has been shining in all variations of aerial acrobatics for many years. Her trapeze act "Kristin Wave", which has won international festival awards, also caused fascinating amazement at the Tigerpalast.
In the long months of spectatorless time, she now created a completely new vertical rope act together with Varieté Director Margareta Dillinger. This wonderful version of artistic aerial acrobatics combines her personality, her expressiveness, her charm and her physical and above all feminine elegance!

Conférenciers (changing)

Alix Dudel

Alix Dudel opens the vaudeville night: "May I go through it", she sings floating through the hall onto the stage - and the show begins. She presents songs by Friedhelm K Händler very soulfully in her own charming way and has become a cult figure due to her numerous appearances in the Tigerpalast.

Anna Krämer

Praised by the press as a "powerful-voiced power woman, vamp with wit, all-round talent, theater animal or musical diva with a goosebump voice", Anna Krämer pulls out many (sound) stops.

Her voice, her comedy, her charm, her versatility and plenty of self-baked. She always points the index finger directly at herself and hits right in the heart and soul.

The full-blooded entertainer and "Schöne Mannheims" sings and exhilarates her life songs in poetic images, slips uninhibitedly into all characters and likes to dance out of line when she simply transcends musical genres and garnishes them anew, from gentle chansonnière to rock tube.

Conférencier - from January 6th until January 16 2022

With a lot of charm, a wonderful voice and chansons from Paris, Warsaw and New York, EWUNIA, together with our Varieté Orchestra, leads through the evening and presents our great artists from all over the world.


Marcus Jeroch
Word artistic Conférence

The word acrobat plays with texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler. Insane word cascades, subtle word distortions and juggling with language confuse and fascinate the audience. A conversation with pure poetry of words.