30th Anniversary Season

Show times from 12.09.2018

Wednesday, Thursday 07.00 pm (doors open at 06.00 pm) + 10.00 pm (doors open at 09.30 pm)
Friday, Saturday 07.30 pm (doors open at 06.30 pm) + 10.30 pm (doors open at 10.00 pm)
Sunday 04.30 pm (doors open at 03.30 pm) + 08.00 pm (doors open at 07.00 pm)



Duo Daring Jones
Trapeze-Duo / USA

Blaze and David from California combine their worldwide unparalleled trapeze show elements of classical and modern body art, accompanied by thrilling Swing Jazz, under the roof of the old dance hall. High performance, powerful elegance and speed distinguish - a brilliant performance of these two great artists.

Linda Sander
Corde lisse / Germany

Linda Sander, aerial artist from Berlin has brought her passion to the stage. Traveling the world for 5 years, the young artist not only convinces with her technical skills, but also with her presence and charisma. Her acts are characterized by a strong personality. With her intense, rebellious and emotional performances the audience will be captivated.

Crazy Magic / Kiev

Maestro Voronin, a mysterious man  who needs no words, has it’s own magic and reminiscents with his elegance of a bygone era. Maestro Voronin has a unique presence on the stage and dominates the legerdemain and  illusions like no other. Because of that he is one of the most representatives of his art and is known everywhere in the world under the name “The Master”. It is his first time at the Tigerpalast and we are looking forward to his silent, mysterious appearances on our stage which stun our audience. Welcome to Frankfurt, Master Voronin.

Jochen Schell

Rolling, leaping, almost floating rings form surprising pictures. In a unique way, Jochen Schell elevates juggling to art. He feels, touches, moves and observes his material and fascinates himself with what happens through his hands with these rings. In this field of tension, the audience witnesses a highly concentrated performance - full of dancing ease!

Nathalie Enterline
Dance / USA

Hat and stick whirl through the air - fast pirouettes. Nathalie, the featherweight, artistic dancer from New York and Paris, fascinates with an unparalleled perfection and elegance while performing on stage. Dance is the challenge of her life and a homage to the unforgotten exceptional artist and century juggler Francis Brunn.

Kris & Harrison Kremo
Juggling / Switzerland

Kris Kremo, one of the most famous artists of our time, returns to the Tigerpalast for the 30th anniversary.

The representative of the 4th generation of Swiss artistic nobles once thrilled the artist stages of the world with his father Bela in the early seventies in a synchronized juggling that is still unrivaled today. 3 balls, 3 hats and his cigar boxes have remained his trademark: until today Kris Kremo is one of the most fascinating jugglers of the present!
No one has expected that the world premiere with his son Harrison, born in 1999, will now be possible for the Tigerpalast anniversary. In fact, Kris and Harrison Kremo, the never-to-be-recorded synchronized juggler, will premiere on a variety stage almost 50 years later - a sensation for the entire artist world that has been witnessing Kris's world career for decades.
Harrison actually represents the fifth generation of this fascinating generation of Swiss artists. With Kris and his mother, Yelena Larkina, the Moscow Tire Acrobat, we celebrated a unique festival on the stage of the Tigerpalast Theater in 1999: Harrison's baptism in the midst of international artists and Joan Faulkner from America sang rousing gospel songs. One of the most extraordinary events of Tigerpalast history!

Welcome to the 30th Anniversary: ​​Kris and Harrison Kremo, the 4th and 5th generation of the legendary Swiss Kremo Dynasty at the Tigerpalast Stage of the Year 2018. Our future has just begun!

Kristina Bautina
Trapeze / Russia


In the modern jazz milieu Kristina Bautina presents her extraordinary trapeze act. The legendary Moscow artist choreographer Alexander Grimaylo co-produced one of the most innovative presentations in the history of the trapeze arts:

"KristinWave" has been awarded since 2003 with the most important international festival awards.


Valérie Inertie
Cyr Wheel / Canada

In 2005, Valérie Inertie stepped onto the wold stage. A sublime combination of raw power under fluid control, grace and beauty in motion. Her mastery of perfection imbalance takes us through a constant flutter and endless rotation that hypnotize and takes away all gravity in a peaceful moment of inertia.

Menno & Emily
Juggling Tango / Netherlands

The fascination of tango meets the juggler Menno van Dyke and the Lido dancer from Paris Emily Weisse. The legendary tango virtuoso Astor Piazzolla inspired the young artists to an unprecedented choreography between dance, acrobatics and juggling. At the festivals in China, Paris and Monte Carlo, Menno van Dyke was very successful while Emily celebrated classic and modern ballet with great success in the famous Paris Revue theaters. Juggling Tangp thrilled with his unique encounter of the arts and lives by two great personalities.

Oleg Izossimov
Equilibristik / Moskau

Artistry and ballet in a unique choreography to Pavarotti arias - Oleg is one of the world stars of Moscow artistry. When he first appeared in Germany in the ensemble of the legendary Russian dance flying crew "Kraniche", he fascinated the professional world with his incredible precision and expressiveness. His handstand acrobatics was honored in 1996 with the Gold Medal at the Circus Festival in Verona. The Tigerpalast was also the starting point for his world career.


Csaba Mehes
Pantomime / Budapest

Theatre, pantomime and comedy:

Csaba Méhes from Budapest travelled around the world with these arts. In all European countries, but also in Australia, Egypt and Mexico he excites the audience with his unique caricatures of the human everyday life. A man in too short suit standing on the stage, thick glasses and lard lock: He steps in every sandtrap while fighting against the violin and the microphone. Csaba Méhes caricatures our human flawes and preveils with his arts over the awkwardness of everyday life. A genius of the vaudeville theatre culture!

Duo Laos
Hand on hand (Tango) / Argentina

Duo Laos is an acrobatic duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Barcelona and performing since 2004 all around the world: from Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas & International Idol Circus Festival in Moscow to Dinner Shows, Varieties and Circus from all around Europe. With more than 10 years of experience and mixing different artistic tools, they share passion for circus and partner acrobatics.

Conférenciers (changing)

Marcus Jeroch
Word acrobatic compère / Germany

From 3th of October till 14th of October, 12th of December till 10th February

Taking texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler, it’s the turn of a word acrobat Marcus Jeroch to present the evening’s acts. Achingly funny word cascades, juggling with words and with balls – all presented by a compère in tails. Subtle word plays, an absurd voyage through the German language, vivid excitement for a spellbound audience.

Marcus Jeroch confounds and entertains with the pure poetry of prose and is the perfect host for welcoming international acts to the Tigerpalast.

Jo van Nelsen

24th of October till 4th of November

Chansonnier, actor, director, author, journalist and compere, Jo van Nelsen from Frankfurt am Main is a multi-talent embracing the new entertainment culture. Time and again, he surprises audiences with old chansons in new colours, mischievous songs and jazz standards. Whether music by Cole Porter, Hildegard Knef or lyrics by Friedhelm Kändler – Jo van Nelsen is funny, multifaceted, charming, (self-) mocking and accompanies you elegantly through the vaudeville style show evening.

Alix Dudel
Chanson-Compère / Germany

26th of September till 30th of September, 7th of November till 9th of December, 27th of December till 30th of December

Cheeky and funny, sensitive, charming and irresistible – that’s how Alix Dudel presents the stars of global variety – and herself. Performing songs and passages by Friedhelm Kändler in the conventional diseuse style, brimming over with irony and elegance, she is the perfect hostess and a cult figure of Tigerpalast revues. Adored by the international performers, admired by an astounded and intrigued audience, she opens the evening of variety: “May I get through”, she sings, drifting through the house and onto the stage – and the show begins…

Isabelle Georges
Chanson-Compère / Germany

from 11th of September till 23rd of September

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Isabelle Georges grew up in Paris and performs as a singer, dancer and actress. She has starred in stage productions such as Barnum, Singin 'in the Rain, Et Si On Chantait and Titanic the Musical. Together with Frederik Steenbrink she wrote and performed "Une Étoile et Moi", a tribute to Judy Garland and won the Fringe Award for best singer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005. She also wrote the French version of "December Songs" by Maury Yeston. The album was released by Tower Records in New York. In 2014, she started in Paris with her personality show "Chante!", Which was directed by Anne Bourgeois. In 2015 she took over the role of Mrs. C in "24 hours in a woman's life", the world's first musical version of Stefan Zweig's novel.

Please notice: On 31th of December the director of the Tigerpalast, Johnny Klinke and the singer Joan Faulkner will guide you through the show.

Theater & Band

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While the eyes are fokused on the artists performances  the ears get stimulated by the Tigerband. The Tigerpalast-Band ensures the right atmosphere and entertains you with a varied repertoire of Jazz, Blues and Samba as well as new hits, live and  in confident perfection. The musicians accompany the artists with elaborate arrangements that support all the performances on the stage perfectly. Enjoy the interaction between virtuosic music and great artists. Feel the meticulous “timing”  of the orchestra when it accentuates the sequences of movements and the brilliant achievement of the artists or the international hosts of the show, the diseuses and  confroncieres. 

In the beautiful vaudeville hall ,190 guests are pleased to see the different artists. 170 guests will be placed at little bistro tables and another 20 guests can take a seat on our loge. The Architect Wolfgang Auer (1990†) created from the former Salvation Army Chapel a unique, only on the stage dedicated vaudeville theater. Our guests are very close to the action and are witness twice in the evening the proximity and authenticity of the strong personalities in the world of Varieté. Our Guests can drift away of the daily routine and concentrate on an unique adventure. Expressionist stage sets of the Stuttgart sculptor Ingrid Hartlieb, Light-Effects of the Stockholm light designer Palle Palmé and a vibrant, professional Tiger-gastronomy generate with the exchange between artists, live orchestra and audience to an unforgettable overall experience. 

Theater & Band