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Kris und Harrison Kremo
Juggling / Switzerland

Kris Kremo, one of the most famous artists of our time, returns to the Tigerpalast.

The representative of the 4th generation of Swiss artistic nobles once thrilled the artist stages of the world with his father Bela in the early seventies in a synchronized juggling that is still unrivaled today. 3 balls, 3 hats and his cigar boxes have remained his trademark: until today Kris Kremo is one of the most fascinating jugglers of the present!
No one has expected that the world premiere with his son Harrison, born in 1999, will now be possible for the Tigerpalast anniversary. In fact, Kris and Harrison Kremo, the never-to-be-recorded synchronized juggler, will premiere on a variety stage almost 50 years later - a sensation for the entire artist world that has been witnessing Kris's world career for decades.
Harrison actually represents the fifth generation of this fascinating generation of Swiss artists. With Kris and his mother, Yelena Larkina, the Moscow Tire Acrobat, we celebrated a unique festival on the stage of the Tigerpalast Theater in 1999: Harrison's baptism in the midst of international artists and Joan Faulkner from America sang rousing gospel songs. One of the most extraordinary events of Tigerpalast history!

Alexander Mitin
Contortion / Russia

Alexander Mitin comes from a circus family and has been performing in the ring for fourteen years now. He manages to put his body into the most inconceivable positions with ease. You should not
be deceived by the filigree aura surrounding Alexander. Because performing on the stage and proving his skills are a key part of his life. With his act entitled “Memory” he has won prizes at the International Circus Festival in Moscow (Russia) and the “New Generation” Festival in Monte Carlo.

Soslan Suanov
Ball-juggling / Russia

Soslan Suanov, the Master of speed ​​juggling - Lightning-fast and ball-tight, charming and boyish-playful, Soslan tames more balls than he can hold in his hands. Without losing his mischievous smile, he swiftly and elegantly dances his juggling and becomes a whirling unit with his balls at an unbelievable pace that is hard to follow with his eyes.

Alexey Mironov
Comedy, Mime / Germany

Alexey Mironov is a  clown who has performed around the World in various International Festivals and circus shows, including Cirque du Soleil North-American Tour, Teatro Zinzanni chaos dinner-show, Tigerpalast Variete in Frankfurt, “Wintergarten” variete in Berlin, Paris circus festival “Cirque de demain“,  “Swiss Comedy Award”, French TV show “Le plus grand cabaret du mond” , “Good Morning America” and many more. Alexey received his training in classic Russian-style clowning, he has been a one the pioneers in the art of clowning by combining traditional clowning technique with contemporary theatre.

He has developed his unique style of performance, which put him on the very top level in the world of contemporary physical comedy and clowning.   

Duo Minasov
Quick-change / Russia

Victor Minasov und seine Frau Elena Minasova gehören zu den international herausragenden Botschaftern der klassischen, russischen Artistenkultur. Weltweit unterwegs, absolvierten sie die berühmtesten Bühnen- und Fernseheshows unserer Zeit. Victors Großvater war schon um 1890 Circusdirektor und Elena begann ihre Karriere als Meisterin der Sportakrobatik. Heute sind beide das europaweit begeisternde Tanzpaar des Quick Change. In Millisekunden erleben die Zuschauer den atemberaubenden Kleiderwechsel und die überschäumende Lebensfreude eines magischen Artistenpaares. Jetzt zu Beginn der Tigerpalastsaison 2011 / 2012 erwartet Elena ein Kind, und Victor wird in einer urkomischen Formation mit dem ebenfalls internationalen Comedy-Artisten Konstantin Mouraviev auf unserer Bühne eine ganz neue Version dieser klassischen, artistischen Bühnenkunst zeigen. Lassen Sie sich begeistern von den Meistern des Quick Change.

Alex und Barti
Puppet artist / Denmark

Barti is the name of the puppet with thousands of threads. Only the puppet master Alex Jorgensen has the ability to direct even the smallest human emotions of eyes and nose. Since 1986 the artist developed this fascinating puppet act with his countless experience of international festivals. The story is told only by movements and music because Barti can really play the piano like a virtuoso and thats why Alex and Barti embosom the vaudeville guests.

Vanessa Alvarez
Antipodes / Spain

Vanessa Alvarez delights with her elegant and seemingly effortless antipodes, juggling to the sound of Spanish guitars. Magnificent costume to passionate flamenco sounds accrues a dynamic show image which the temperamental artist captivates any audience. It’s fun to watch her when she juggles towels through the air with her feet lying on her back – even a guitar is dancing on her feet. She grew up in a family of artists and is on international stages since she is sixteen. We are looking forward to her antipoden juggling and welcome her at the Tigerpalast.

Kristina Bautina
Trapeze / Russia

In the modern jazz milieu Kristina Bautina presents her extraordinary trapeze act. The legendary Moscow artist choreographer Alexander Grimaylo co-produced one of the most innovative presentations in the history of the trapeze arts:

"KristinWave" has been awarded since 2003 with the most important international festival awards.

Sergey Akimov
Aerial straps/Moscow

Sergey Akimov presents - inspired by the classical Russian ballet - a dance in a beautiful and spectacular way. His powerful poses on the ground and in the air are brilliantly choreographed and merge into a heavenly charivari. He was born in 1987 in Moscow, was silver awarded in 2005 at the Cirque de Demain and bronze in 2008 in Monte Carlo.


The Pellegrini Brothers
Acrobatics / Italy

The four brothers from Italy, who delight the audience with powerful and elegant figures and unique body tension are more than twenty years in the show business. In the nineties they left their homeland to go to America. After that they had a four-year contract in the famous Variety Lido in Paris. With their impressive performances they had the honor to appear at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games 2008 in Turin and even at the Vatican before the weekly speech of Pope Benedict XVI. Now they are back again on the stage of the Tigerpalast and show the elaborate performance in Germany’s leading Variety Theater. We are looking forward to the powerful and elegant performances and the absolutely body tension and body control.


Jochen Schell
Avant garde juggler/ Germany

The avant-garde juggler Jochen Schell from Berlin presents rolling, jumping, almost floating rings and creates surprising pictures. As one of the few variety artists from Germany, Jochen Schell has gained international recognition with his creative juggling. In the constant search for simple, but expressive juggling objects, he composed a rings act. Partly working with only one ring, partly building up complex patterns, Schell always moves in the field of tension between actor and object in space.

Molly Saudek & Florent Blondeau
tightrope walking / USA & Paris

Many variety enthusiasts still remember the legendary rope art opera "Le Fil sous la Neige" at the opening of the Kulturforum Rhein Main in August 2009 in the Bockenheimer Depot presented by the Tigerpalast. From this world-class staging with the outstanding tightrope walkers of our time, the Tigerpalast welcomes two of the artistis on his stage:
Molly Saudek and Florent Blondeau, the exceptional performers of this unique tightrope event, will enrich our house in changing formations as soloists and as a duo during the upcoming revue.

Conférenciers (changing)

Marcus Jeroch
Word acrobatic compère / Germany

Taking texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler, it’s the turn for the word acrobat Marcus Jeroch to present the evening’s acts. Achingly funny word cascades, juggling with words and with balls – all presented by a compère in tails. Subtle word plays, an absurd voyage through the German language, vivid excitement for a spellbound audience.

Marcus Jeroch confounds and entertains with the pure poetry of prose and is the perfect host for welcoming international acts to the Tigerpalast.

Jean-Michel Fournereau

Jean Michel Fournereau was born in Brittany and lives now in Paris. As a singer, actor and director, he performce on numerous French and German stages. With his musicality and amusing introductions, Jean- Michel Fournereau can trigger variations of emotions in the audience.

With charm, seriousness and humor Jean- Michel will introduce the international artists.

Jo van Nelsen

Jo van Nelsen is probably one of the most multifarious artists in the German art and theatre scene.

With his expressive baritone, his more than 25 music programs and as many released albums, he has enriched German culture since 1989. He was honored with the Ralph Benatzky Chants Prize, the Wilhelmshavener Knurrhahn, the St. Ingberter Pan, the Thuringian Small Art Prize and twice with the Audience Award of the Schauspielbühnen Stuttgart.

Jo van Nelsen is also know as frontman of the Cultur Beat band, as actor, dubber even as journalist, author and director and also as moderator for radio or on variety stages like our Tigerpalast stage.

Alix Dudel
Chanson-Compère / Germany

Cheeky and funny, sensitive, charming and irresistible – that’s how Alix Dudel presents the stars of global variety – and herself. Performing songs and passages by Friedhelm Kändler in the conventional diseuse style, brimming over with irony and elegance, she is the perfect hostess and a cult figure of Tigerpalast revues. Adored by the international performers, admired by an astounded and intrigued audience, she opens the evening of variety: “May I get through”, she sings, drifting through the house and onto the stage – and the show begins…

Video: Alix Dudel at Tigerpalast

Anna Krämer

Her voice, her comedy, her charm and her versatility.

She always points her index finger directly at herself and in the middle of her heart and soul. The full-blooded entertainer and "Schöne Mannheims" sings and elates her life songs in poetic images, slips into all characters unrestrained and likes to dance out of line when she simply crosses and re-garnishes music genres, from gentle chansonniere to rock tube.

Theater & Band

While the eyes are fokused on the artists performances  the ears get stimulated by the Tigerband. The Tigerpalast-Band ensures the right atmosphere and entertains you with a varied repertoire of Jazz, Blues and Samba as well as new hits, live and  in confident perfection. The musicians accompany the artists with elaborate arrangements that support all the performances on the stage perfectly. Enjoy the interaction between virtuosic music and great artists. Feel the meticulous “timing”  of the orchestra when it accentuates the sequences of movements and the brilliant achievement of the artists or the international hosts of the show, the diseuses and  confroncieres. 

In the beautiful vaudeville hall ,190 guests are pleased to see the different artists. 170 guests will be placed at little bistro tables and another 20 guests can take a seat on our loge. The Architect Wolfgang Auer (1990†) created from the former Salvation Army Chapel a unique, only on the stage dedicated vaudeville theater. Our guests are very close to the action and are witness twice in the evening the proximity and authenticity of the strong personalities in the world of Varieté. Our Guests can drift away of the daily routine and concentrate on an unique adventure. Expressionist stage sets of the Stuttgart sculptor Ingrid Hartlieb, Light-Effects of the Stockholm light designer Palle Palmé and a vibrant, professional Tiger-gastronomy generate with the exchange between artists, live orchestra and audience to an unforgettable overall experience. 

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