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Show times (18.08.2016 to 25.02.2017)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday07.00 pm (doors open at 06.00 pm) + 10.00 pm (doors open at 09.30 pm)
Friday, Saturday07.30 pm (doors open at 06.30 pm) + 10.30 pm (doors open at 22.00 pm)
Sunday04.30 pm (doors open at 03.30 pm) + 08.00  pm (doors open at 07.00 pm)

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Duo Inspiration
Ballet-Juggling / Moscow

A love story with roots from the artistic culture from Moscow and Kiev we see a fascinating choreography. Dmitry and his partner Elena met at the famous Christmas Circus and were from then on the Duo Inspiration. You can expect a charming ball-jugling where acrobatic and dancing brings a groundbreaking aspect in this genre. With their worldwide and unique encounter of art they touch the audience in numerous shows between West- and East-Europe and won the silver medal at the International Festival of jugglers. 

Welcome to the Tigerpalast Elena and Dmitry!

Chu Chuan Ho
Diabolo / Taiwan

At the age of 14, Chu Chuan Ho began with his fascinating Diabolo show. What seems like an easy game requires on years of highly professional exercise until the dancing Diabolos outwits the spectators’ eyes. Since 2010, Chu Chuan Ho is also seen in Europe at numerous festivals. Summarized an enthusiastic, elegant and happy tempo juggler! 

Jochen Schell
Avant garde-juggler / Berlin

Like a story-teller in a wide dark coat Jochen Schell leads you into his fascinating world; a world full of remarkable images. Whipped into a speedy spin by the string, Jochen's whirling tops perform a cascade of tricks. They land on his feet, his hands, or on top of their master's head. Small concentrated sequences are followed by quick and dynamic images. Inspired by the Japanese whirling top artist Koma Zuru Jochen Schell created a unique show in a European way. The very own and hypnotic fascination of the whirling tops transmits the audience. Schell holds both strong in his hands.

Welcome back on the stage of the Tigerpalast Mr. Schell!

Partner acrobatics / Kiev

Hand-on-hand acrobatics is one of the classic variety acts – the Grynchenko brothers alone, however, are able to perform this fascinating artistry  in a breathtaking symbiosis of power, balance and harmony.  In the unconstrained back-and-forth of this fraternal act the individual elements merge to form a work of art. For the Grynchenko Brothers, too, the famous ‘Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain’ formed the starting  point of their international career. With a silver medal from Paris under their belt, they started on their journey to the most outstanding acrobatic art venues of our time.

Alyona Pavlova
Aerial Loop / Moscow

With already 10 years Alyona Pavlova started her circus- and theater education. Her Aerial-Orbital presentation has staged the famous artistic-choreographer Alexander Grimaylo. For the first time we see the winner of numerous festivals in East and West on the magic ring under the roof of old dance hall. A world-class artist with full of energy and thrilling charisma. 

Alex and Barti
Puppet artist / Denmark
till 20th of November

Barti is the name of the puppet with thousands of threads. Only the puppet master Alex Jorgensen has the ability to direct even the smallest human emotions of eyes and nose. Since 1986 the artist developed this fascinating puppet act with his countless experience of international festivals. The story is told only by movements and music because Barti can really play the piano like a virtuoso and thats why Alex and Barti embosom the vaudeville guests.

Marie-Ève Dicaire
Equilibristic / Canada
from 30th of August till 02nd of October

Marie-Ève Dicaire began her artistic formation as a dancer, but after three years of training, something was missing. She went on to audition for the National Circus School of Montréal, where she was accepted as a hand balancer, and quickly found hand balancing to be a unique mix of precision and fluidity. Since her graduation in 2006, she has performed her act throughout Switzerland with Circus Starlight and Circus Monti, in Germany at the cabaret Palazzo Colombino and for various corporate events for companies such as Cirque Eloize, New Circus Asia, Cirque du Soleil, and The 7 Fingers.

The Giurintanos
Roller-skate acrobatics / Italy
from 04th of October till 06th of November

The siblings Giurintano, Marcello and Anna, perform a very fast and dynamic roller-skate acrobatic on an only 2 meter podium. They defy the force of gravity with their speed and Anna flies horizontally, only held by the feet or hands, through the air. With an incredible, daring pace they both rotate in a circle and perform different combinations and pirouettes. The highlight of the show is when they both connect with a rope around the neck while perform multiple rotations. Outstanding roller-skate acrobats who are among the most popular artists in the history of the Tigerpalast.

Nathalie Enterline
Dance acrobatics / New York
from 25th of October

Hat and cane spin through the air - extremely fast pirouettes. Nathalie, the feathery artistic dancer from New York and Paris fascniates with a never seen perfection and elegance when she dances on the stage. Her choreographed images are razor-sharp which makes the audience happy. Dance is the challange of her life and a tribute to the unforgotten exceptional artist and juggler of the century Francis Brunn.

Black theater / Czech Republic
from 22nd of November
Marko Karvo
Magic / Finland
from 08th of November
Chinese pole / Paris
from 15th of December

Conférenciers (different in each show)

Liliane Montevecchi
Chanson-Entertainment / New York
18th of October till 11th of December

Dancer, actress, singer, entertainer – an international star in the classical sense. Born and brought up in Paris, she embarked on an international career as prima ballerina with Roland Petit’s dance company. From Paris she moved to Hollywood, where she played countless leading roles in films starring Elvis Presley, Fred Astaire, Jerry Lewis, and Marlon Brando. She has received both a coveted Tony and a Drama Desk award for her superb artistic achievements.

Alix Dudel
Chanson-Compère / Germany
13th of December till of 22nd January

Cheeky and funny, sensitive, charming and irresistible – that’s how Alix Dudel presents the stars of global variety – and herself. Performing songs and passages by Friedhelm Kändler in the conventional diseuse style, brimming over with irony and elegance, she is the perfect hostess and a cult figure of Tigerpalast revues. Adored by the international performers, admired by an astounded and intrigued audience, she opens the evening of variety: “May I get through”, she sings, drifting through the house and onto the stage – and the show begins…

Marcus Jeroch
Word acrobatic compère / Germany
18th of August till 16th of October

Taking texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler, it’s the turn of a word acrobat to present the evening’s acts. Achingly funny word cascades, juggling with words and with balls – all presented by a compère in tails. Subtle word plays, an absurd voyage through the German language, vivid excitement for a spellbound audience: Marcus Jeroch confounds and entertains with the pure poetry of prose and is the perfect host for welcoming international acts to the Tigerpalast.

Theater & Band

When the artists of the Tigerpalast are on stage all eyes are on their performance but the eyes listen to the Tigerband. The Tigerpalast-Band ensures the right atmosphere and entertains you with a varied repertoire of Jazz, Blues and Samba but also new hits are played in absolute perfection and live. The musicians accompany the artists with elaborate arrangements that support all the performances on the stage perfectly. Enjoy the interaction between virtuosic music and great artists. Feel the meticulous “timing”  of the orchestra when it accentuates the sequences of movements and the brilliant achievement of the artists or the international hosts of the show, the diseuses and  confroncieres. 

In the beautiful vaudeville hall ,190 guests find place to see the different artists. 170 guests will be placed at little bistro tables, another 20 guests can take a seat on our loge. The Architect Wolfgang Auer (1990†) created from the former Salvation Army Chapel a unique, only on the stage dedicated vaudeville theater. Our guests are very close to the action and are witness twice in the evening the proximity and authenticity of the strong personalities in the world of Varieté. Our Guests can forget the daily routine of the city and concentrate on an unique adventure. Expressionist stage sets of the Stuttgart sculptor Ingrid Hartlieb, Light-Effects of the Stockholm light designer Palle Palmé and a vibrant, professional Tiger-gastronomy generate with the exchange between artists, live orchestra and audience to an unforgettable overall experience.