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Show times starting at 13th of September

Wednesday, Thursday07.00 pm (doors open at 06.00 pm) + 10.00 pm (doors open at 09.30 pm)
Friday, Saturday07.30 pm (doors open at 06.30 pm) + 10.30 pm (doors open at 22.00 pm)
Sunday04.30 pm (doors open at 03.30 pm) + 08.00  pm (doors open at 07.00 pm)

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Valérie Inertie
Cyr Wheel
till 3rd of December

In 2005, Valérie Inertie stepped onto the wold stage. A sublime combination of raw power under fluid control, grace and beauty in motion. Her mastery of perfection imbalance takes us through a constant flutter and endless rotation that hypnotize and takes away all gravity in a peaceful moment of inertia.

Selyna Bogino
Antipodes / Italy

At the age of eight, Selyna was sure to take the legacy of her world-famous mother, the "Queen of Antipode Games" Consuelo Reyes. She comes from a classical artist family, has traveled with her parents from show to show all her life and had her own stage show at 16. With wonderful dancing ease and a lot of practiced precision, we experience classical antipodes juggling, presented with a spirited, rousing atmosphere on the stage.

Duo Artemiev
Trapeze / Moscow

Elena and Dimitry Artemiev have been one of the world's most outstanding trapeze duos of our time for many years. Georg Tabori, the legendary opera director, staged with the Duo Artemiev "The Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the Deutsche Oper Berlin in 1999. After many engagements in big European shows, they have shown their stunning trapeze act in the famous Variety Dinner Show in America: Zinzanni in San Francisco and Seattle. Back in Europe, we are experiencing Elena and Dimitry with an inspiring tango on the trapeze for the first time on the Tigerpalast stage - under the roof of the old ball house.

Welcome to the Tigerpalast, Elena and Dimitry

Menno & Emily
Juggling-Tango / Netherlands
till 17th of December

The fascination of  tango meets the juggler Menno van Dyke and the lido dancer from Paris, Emily Weisse, in a unique presentation. The legendary tango virtuoso Astor Piazzolla inspired the young artists to a never-seen choreography between dance, acrobatics and juggling. At the festivals in China, Paris and Monte Carlo, juggler Menno van Dyke succeeded, while Emily celebrated classical and modern ballet with great success in the famous Parisian revue theaters. Juggling Tango inspires with his unique encounter of arts and is performed by two  great personalities.

Duo Laos
Hand on hand (Tango) / Argentina
till 24th of September

Duo Laos is an acrobatic duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Barcelona and performing since 2004 all around the world: from Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas & International Idol Circus Festival in Moscow to Dinner Shows, Varieties and Circus from all around Europe. With more than 10 years of experience and mixing different artistic tools, they share passion for circus and partner acrobatics.

Claudius Specht
Juggling / Swiss
from 20th of December

With the understatement of a gentleman Claudius Specht presents a stylish juggling performance. Simply elegant, exciting dynamic and exciting fast. He juggles clubs, cups, and the laws of physics. But he does not just juggle them, he makes them dance. Exactly and wiht a breathtaking pace, they form incredible patterns and combinations in the air.

Maria Sarach
Contortion /Ukraine
till 12th of November

At the age of 14 Maria Sarach was elected as the "Princess of Russian Circus". A very early honor for the young artist from a world-famous circus dynasty. She presents her outstanding body art with stunning charm and a captivating personality. Contortions and balances at the highest level led her to the world of the Cirque du Soleil as a member of the successful Las Vegas show "Absinthe" in the world famous Caesars Palace. Today, Maria Sarach belongs to the top of the world of Varieté Arts,led by Olga Pikhienko the star of the Cirque du Soleil choreographies.

Norman Barrett
Magic / Great Britain
from 15th of November

With Norman Barrett and his lively friends, we welcome one of the great British comedian and entertainer on stage. His friends are hot budgies Maurice, Harold and Jean-Pierre accompany him for many years on all international stages and circus arenas and conquer with their bizarre stunts the audience's heart. Norman Barrett is one of the most famous circus personalities of the British Isles. Many years ringmaster of the legendary Blackpool Tower Circus, guest performances in the Big Apple Circus New York, the star of many television shows - a great artist, who will delight you with charm and British humor. In early 2010, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the master magician and ringmaster Norman Barrett the highest British Order of Merit for outstanding cultural achievements: "The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)"!

Elena Skrypets
Contortion / Ukraine
from 15th of November to 24th of February 2018

Elena is a highly trained classical ballet dancer from the theater and opera ballet in Kiev. In 2004, she met the circus art and developed a wonderful balance between ballet and contortionary acrobatics. She has been performing with her husband, the juggler Dimitri Salov, as a "duo inspiration" since 2011. Now we are experiencing Elena on the stage of the Tiger Palace in her unique solo interpretation of the ballet contortions.

Jochen Schell
Avant garde-juggler / Berlin
till 12th of November

Like a story-teller in a wide dark coat Jochen Schell leads you into his fascinating world, a world full of remarkable images. Whipped into a speedy spin by the string, Jochen's whirling tops perform a cascade of tricks. They land on his feet, his hands, or on top of their master's head. Small concentrated sequences are followed by quick and dynamic images. Inspired by the Japanese whirling top artist Koma Zuru, Jochen Schell created a unique show formed in a European style. The very own and hypnotic fascination of the whipping tops transmits it´s  fascinating impression to the audience.

Welcome back on the stage of the Tigerpalast Mr. Schell!

Otto Wessely & Christa
Magic art / Paris
till 15th of October

The art of magic is the métier of Otto Wessely. He looks back on a 45-year stage career that led him across the globe, including Hollywood, Las Vegas and Paris. At the Crazy Horse in Paris, his sympathetic, absurd and eerie-funny show is an essential part of the evening, which is given the finishing touch by his wife Christa, who plays as his assistant and co-actor. Chaotic, supposedly incapable but always amiable, Otto and Christa move on the summit of entertaining humor.

Juliana Chen
Magic / China
from 6th of December

Born in Hunan, China, this versatile artist received her education at the National School of Fine Arts of the Chinese National Theater. Juliana Chen is the first woman to be honored with the award of the "International Magic Society". In 1997, she won the World Cup of the "World Congress of Magicians", which is also known as the "Olympia for Magicians". This is the highest award a magician can achieve. Thanks to the high technical level of her magic tricks, combined with a very special charm and artistic charisma, she inspires her audience worldwide.

Darkan Kambyshev
Aerial straps / Kazakhstan
till 29th of October 2017

Darkan can fly - that is, at least, on the vertical ropes high above the heads of the Tigerpalast audience. He transferred from the successful Kazakh gymnastics team to the State Circus School in Almaty. He owes his international career as a performing artist, however, to Moscow choreographer Alexander Grimailo. Darkan spent months perfecting his vertical rope act under Grimailo’s watchful eye – which included daytime rehearsals here in the Tigerpalast. He has emerged as a highly talented performer with incredible discipline, great creativity and attention to detail. We look forward immensely to Darkan’s calm yet powerful act.

Molly & Florent
Tightrope Walking
till 31st of December

Many friends of artistry will remember the legendary Rope Art Opera „Le Fil sous la Neige“ for the opening of “Kulturforum Rhein Main” at the Bockenheimer Depot in August 2009. Out of this world class production with outstanding acrobats of our time, the Tigerpalast is now receiving distinguished acts: 2 exceptional talents of this unique tightrope act are performing on our stage. 

Two different artists walk on the tightrope with passion and will entertain you in the middle of our historical ballroom. 

Conférenciers (different in each show)

Jean-Michel Fournereau
from 14th of September to 19th of September

Jean Michel Fournereau was born in Brittany and lives now in Paris. As a singer, actor and director, he performce on numerous French and German stages. With his musicality and amusing introductions, Jean- Michel Fournereau can trigger variations of emotions in the audience.

With charm, seriousness and humor Jean- Michel will introduce the international artists.

Marcus Jeroch
Word acrobatic compère / Germany
from 20th of September to 09th of November 2017

Taking texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler, it’s the turn for the word acrobat Marcus Jeroch to present the evening’s acts. Achingly funny word cascades, juggling with words and with balls – all presented by a compère in tails. Subtle word plays, an absurd voyage through the German language, vivid excitement for a spellbound audience.

Marcus Jeroch confounds and entertains with the pure poetry of prose and is the perfect host for welcoming international acts to the Tigerpalast.

Jo van Nelsen
15th of November to 19th of November 2017 and 03rd of January to 21st of January 2018

Chansonnier, actor, director, author, journalist and compere, Jo van Nelsen from Frankfurt am Main is a multi-talent embracing the new entertainment culture. Time and again, he surprises audiences with old chansons in new colours, mischievous songs and jazz standards. Whether music by Cole Porter, Hildegard Knef or lyrics by Friedhelm Kändler – Jo van Nelsen is funny, multifaceted, charming, (self-) mocking and accompanies you elegantly through the vaudeville style show evening.

Alix Dudel
Chanson-Compère / Germany
22nd of November to 31st of December 2017

Cheeky and funny, sensitive, charming and irresistible – that’s how Alix Dudel presents the stars of global variety – and herself. Performing songs and passages by Friedhelm Kändler in the conventional diseuse style, brimming over with irony and elegance, she is the perfect hostess and a cult figure of Tigerpalast revues. Adored by the international performers, admired by an astounded and intrigued audience, she opens the evening of variety: “May I get through”, she sings, drifting through the house and onto the stage – and the show begins…

Theater & Band

While the eyes are fokused on the artists performances  the ears get stimulated by the Tigerband. The Tigerpalast-Band ensures the right atmosphere and entertains you with a varied repertoire of Jazz, Blues and Samba as well as new hits, live and  in confident perfection. The musicians accompany the artists with elaborate arrangements that support all the performances on the stage perfectly. Enjoy the interaction between virtuosic music and great artists. Feel the meticulous “timing”  of the orchestra when it accentuates the sequences of movements and the brilliant achievement of the artists or the international hosts of the show, the diseuses and  confroncieres. 

In the beautiful vaudeville hall ,190 guests are pleased to see the different artists. 170 guests will be placed at little bistro tables and another 20 guests can take a seat on our loge. The Architect Wolfgang Auer (1990†) created from the former Salvation Army Chapel a unique, only on the stage dedicated vaudeville theater. Our guests are very close to the action and are witness twice in the evening the proximity and authenticity of the strong personalities in the world of Varieté. Our Guests can drift away of the daily routine and concentrate on an unique adventure. Expressionist stage sets of the Stuttgart sculptor Ingrid Hartlieb, Light-Effects of the Stockholm light designer Palle Palmé and a vibrant, professional Tiger-gastronomy generate with the exchange between artists, live orchestra and audience to an unforgettable overall experience.