Autumn Show

Show times for the autumn show 2021

Wednesday, Thursay

05.00 pm dinner, 07.00 pm show (entry starting at 06.00 pm) or 07.30 pm dinner, 10.00 pm show (entry starting at 09.30 pm)

Friday, Saturday

05.00 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 06.30 pm) or 08.00 pm dinner, 10.30 pm show (entry starting at 22.00 pm)


04.30 pm show, (entry starting at 03.30 pm) 06.15 pm dinner in connection or 05.30 pm dinner, 07.30 pm show (entry starting at 07.00 pm)



Valérie Inertie
Cyr Wheel / Canada

Canadian Valérie Inertie has been honored worldwide with her dancing hoop on the international circus and festival stages since 2005.

The hoop called Cyr Wheel lets her dance on stage with incredible lightness and artistic perfection. A fascinating rotation seems to overcome gravity when Valérie can now be seen in the huge hoop on the stage at Tigerpalast in Frankfurt.

Menno & Emily
Juggling Tango / Amsterdam/Paris

The fascination of tango meets the juggler Menno van Dyke and the Lido dancer from Paris Emily Weisse. The legendary tango virtuoso Astor Piazzolla inspired the young artists to an unprecedented choreography between dance, acrobatics and juggling. At the festivals in China, Paris and Monte Carlo, Menno van Dyke was very successful while Emily celebrated classic and modern ballet with great success in the famous Paris Revue theaters. Juggling Tangp thrilled with his unique encounter of the arts and lives by two great personalities.

Boleadoras / USA

    Diane-Renée Rodríguez, an artist with many talents. In Fall Revue 2021, she will offer the audience at the Tigerpalast a unique performance with her Boleadoras art. The focus is on their slingshots (bolas). They serve as a visual percussion instrument, draw their paths in space and create breathtaking acoustic and visual impressions at the same time. The impressive art demands the highest precision. Whirring ropes and pounding cuffs combine with body play to create a unique performance.

    She started her career in 2010 after graduating from "The National Circus School of Montreal" and was then successfully touring with the Cirque Plume for many years. Diane-Renée Rodriguez's performance has already been seen at the Argentina Folklore Festival.

    Csaba Méhes
    Pantomime / Hungary

    Csaba Méhes from Budapest travelled around the world with these arts . In all European countries, but also in Australia, Egypt and Mexico he excites the audience with his unique caricatures of the human everyday life. A man in too short suit standing on the stage, thick glasses and lard lock: He steps in every sandtrap while fighting against the violin and the microphone.

    Csaba Méhes caricatures our human flawes and preveils with his arts over the awkwardness of everyday life. A genius of the vaudeville theatre culture! 

    Comedy Pantomime / Russia

    Together with the Russian clown troupe "Mikos" he won numerous awards in Moscow, Paris and at the International Clown Festival in Ostend. An unusual, silent clown who celebrated his "appearances" with a wonderful mixture of absurdist, quirky humor and tender melancholy. With dreamy mischievous smile he presents comically magical, unseen juggling.

    Duo Laos
    Tango Acrobatic / Argentina

    With Mercedes Martin Garcia and Pablo Raffo from Buenos Aires, we experience a partner Acrobatics Act from Argentina. For 10 years she has been touring the international European and American variety world together.

    Duo Laos tells the story of their life on stage: the fascinating contradiction between 2 partner acrobats in their daily pursuit of perfect harmony to inspire the audience. 

    Aerial Ring / Russia

    With already 10 years Alyona Pavlova started her circus- and theater education. Her Aerial-Orbital presentation has staged the famous artistic-choreographer Alexander Grimaylo. For the first time we see the winner of numerous festivals in East and West on the magic ring under the roof of old dance hall. A world-class artist with full of energy and thrilling charisma. 

    Alexey Mironov
    Comedy, Mime / Germany






    Alexey Mironov is a  clown who has performed around the World in various International Festivals and circus shows, including Cirque du Soleil North-American Tour, Teatro Zinzanni chaos dinner-show, Tigerpalast Variete in Frankfurt, “Wintergarten” variete in Berlin, Paris circus festival “Cirque de demain“,  “Swiss Comedy Award”, French TV show “Le plus grand cabaret du mond” , “Good Morning America” and many more. Alexey received his training in classic Russian-style clowning, he has been a one the pioneers in the art of clowning by combining traditional clowning technique with contemporary theatre.

    He has developed his unique style of performance, which put him on the very top level in the world of contemporary physical comedy and clowning.   

    Marcello and Kathy Giurintano
    Roller skating acrobatic / Italy

    With their breathtaking roller skating artistry on a small podium, Marcello and Kathy Giurintano will delight our audience in the Palmengarten Society House. Incredible speed, body control and elegance characterize these two great ones and touching artist.

    Darkan / Kazakhstan
    Strain art

    Darkan can fly - at least on the straps over the heads of the guests in the Palmengarten Society House. From the successful artistic gymnastics group in Kazakhstan, he switched to the state circus school in Almaty. His international artistic career was made possible by the choreographer Alexander Grimailo from Moscow. For months, under Grimailo's care, Darkan tried his art of strapping during the day in the Tiger Palace. A highly talented artist matured with incredible discipline and inventiveness down to the last detail. We are looking forward to Darkan's calm and powerful presentation and his touching charisma.

    Conférenciers (changing)

    Alix Dudel

    Alix Dudel opens the vaudeville night: "May I go through it", she sings floating through the hall onto the stage - and the show begins. She presents songs by Friedhelm K Händler very soulfully in her own charming way and has become a cult figure due to her numerous appearances in the Tigerpalast.

    Jo van Nelsen

    The program also leads the emcee Jo van Nelsen. With a lot of wit and charm but also a lot of (self-) irony, he inspires his audience. The native of Frankfurt not only has the right sayings ready, but also surprises with cheeky songs by Cole Porter, Hildegard Knef or Friedhelm Kändler.


    Marcus Jeroch
    Word artistic Conférence

    The word acrobat plays with texts by Ernst Jandl and Friedhelm Kändler. Insane word cascades, subtle word distortions and juggling with language confuse and fascinate the audience. A conversation with pure poetry of words.